To those who have reached

the final stage of life

We do not know your real feelings. However, it may be possible to get close to the feelings.

Ultimate-surprise~Testimony that the impression is the living thing.
The end will come someday if there is a life.
Nobody can flee from there.

In each of them live towards your own future.
Looking at the distant future, I hope that in the future there will be the same happiness now.
Even if an unforeseen circumstance happens to myself, a loved one, a loving family
I want you to live with a smile, smoothly and healthily ...
I think that everyone think so.

Even if the times change, even if the country changes
The feeling of thinking of loved one, loving family, will not change forever.

"Feeling" that we must tell "feeling" to the most important person
If you leave it visible and can tell it

A watch that a loved one stopped
It may become a driving force to make it move.

"Last surprise gift for important people that only you can do"
We want to be "Santa Claus" that carries that impression ...
We think.